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Operating system ● Windows ● Input devices (Mouse & Keyboard) ● Computer settings ● Working with programs ● Working with files and folders ● C.A.T ● quiz

Computer terminologies ● Computer components ● Computer areas of applications, advantages and disadvantages ● Characteristics of computer (history), classification etc. ● Introduction summaries ● practice exercise ● quiz

How to launch excel application, Definition of excel terms, Excel application areas, advantages, Working with excel window, Data entry, and data formatting (currency, decimals, numbers, percentages, text), Calculation in spreadsheet (formulas and functions), Use of IF functions, Subtotal functions, Filtering and sorting, Working with charts, Summary of excel, TEST


How to launch word processor, Definition of word processor terms, Word application areas, Word processor window, Typing, editing, saving and formatting documents, Using spelling and grammar check, Bullet and numbering, Applying Page numbering, watermark, page layout borders, shading, etc, Applying headers and footers, Use of shapes, objects and pictures, Tab setting, inserting Tables, Mail merging,  Page setting up and printing, Summary of word